Cathy's Dance Studio offers Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Modern, HipHop, and Acrobatics, from preK to pre-professional levels.  Classes run from September-June and culminate in a Dance Show in June at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria NY.  

In addition, Cathy's offers Summer Classes so students can keep up on their dance practice and/or try new classes.

Our classes are offered from preK to pre-professional levels.  Our staff will help place and advance your child as they progress.

PreK Classes focus primarily on developing strength, musicality, and confidence. We want your child to love coming to class and to develop a lifelong love of dance.


Intermediate and Advanced Classes focus on teaching the fundamentals of the dance style in addition to form, flexibility, and strength development.

Pre-Professional Classes focus on expanding core skills in that style, on developing form, flexibility, and strength, and on learning to master choreography and performance skills.

All Classes include thorough warm-ups, practicing of style basics in place, in groups, and across the floor, and various choreographed routines that students learn and perform throughout the year.

TAP classes include both Rockette style/Broadway style tap and Rhythm Tap.  Students focus on proper tap technique and on understanding the rhythms and musicality of various songs and dances.  Available from PreK to Pre-Professional Levels.

BALLET supports and enhances the study of all other dance forms and improves posture, flexibility, and coordination. Available from PreK to Pre-Professional Levels.

JAZZ is a high-energy dance form used often in Broadway Musicals and other dance-related performances. It is a mix of isolated body movements and syncopated beats.

MODERN expands upon strength, knowledge, and musicality learned in Ballet and Jazz and is therefore best started after a child has established the basics of those other forms (usually age 9+ but depends on each child)

POINTE is ballet done on Pointe Shoes and is best started after a child has mastered ballet basics and is strong enough to support pointe work.  (usually 10+ but depends on each child)

HIPHOP has been part of our studio since the early 1980s because Queens was one of the birth places of RAP and HIPHOP (though we called it Breakdancing back then).  It was taught by a Breakdance Troupe from Ravenswood Houses.  Modern HipHop includes Old Skool HipHop and Breakdance, Popping, Locking, Street, and a more lyrical HipHop that combines modern dance, jazz and hiphop.  We offer HipHop to ages 8 and up.

ACROBATICS incorporates mat-based gymnastics movements with choreography and dance.  Skills taught include handstands, back bends, walkovers, shoulder rolls, backward rolls, forward rolls, cartwheels, jumps, and combinations. 


Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Pointe, HipHop, Acrobatics for preK to pre-professional levels

33-19 Crescent Street Astoria NY 11106 



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